About me

1336 - 012.jpgHi.  I’m Seona and I have an interest in empowering small businesses so that they can succeed.

I help small to medium business owners that want to operate more efficiently, by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need through coaching, workshops and self-training course so that they can make their business operate more efficiently.

I also help new small to medium online business owners, who are lacking in confidence to get their business going, by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need through coaching and online support and courses so that they can really get their business going.

I have a super power that I have grown and developed over the years which enables me to visualise ways to improve and become more efficient.  I have used this power in my own life to enable me to improve efficiency in all areas so that I have the space to achieve all that I can.  You can read more about my super power in my first ever blog post for this site: I’ve taken the plunge…


I have worked in a variety of industries throughout my life, but my career has settled before now on Quality Assurance in the Biotech industry.  This is an industry that is highly regulated but always evolving and always has areas that need improvement.  I thrive on new projects where I get to design new or improve existing processes!

I have a Bachelor of Science (Medical Science), and a Masters in Business Administration.  So not only do I have an inherent ability to visualise processes, but I also have the work experience and study behind me to help your business.

I am also trained and skilled in training and auditing and have used these skills in my workplace for the past 15 years.  As the recipient and host of many regulatory audits from TGA and notified bodies, I have been on both sides of the audit process and know how to help you work through them.  I have designed and implemented a training program for my workplace that has been given the gold tick of approval from TGA.  These are all skills and experience that I am now ready to share with the small business world.

So don’t let your business continue to chug along.  Book a session with me so that I can help you identify and implement improvements and more efficiency in your business…