It’s not just about writing it down…

There is more to a procedure than just writing it down.

Anyone can do that.

But if you want to have a procedure written down that others will (and can) follow, then you need to do it right.

You need to include the right level of detail.

You need to present it in a manner that will make it easy for the reader to follow.

Too often I see procedures written that are essentially useless. Only the person that wrote it can follow it. Or someone that is already well trained in the procedure they reading can follow it.

That’s why you need someone like me to write them for you.

I can ensure that you have the right level of detail.

I can ensure that it is presented in a manner that is easy for the reader to follow.

And it doesn’t matter that I don’t know your procedure or process. You will be the one telling me how you do it and I will be the one extracting ALL of the information from you that is needed to be included for when it is written down. I will be the one writing it down and presenting it so that your employees (current and future) can follow it.

If you’re going to go to the effort of writing your procedures down, then be sure to do it right.

And be sure to use the expertise that I can offer to make sure that you do it right.

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