You don’t need to be everything to everyone.

You really don’t need to be everything to everyone.  You can try.  But you will inevitably fail and you will feel miserable for it.

So what can you do instead?

Be something to someone!

Focus on your one person.  Your ideal client.  Focus on their needs.  Focus on their wants.  Focus on being their solution.

The result…you will end up with a much more loyal and much happier customer.  They will end up with a much more satisfying customer experience. And you will enjoy being in business more too.

You won’t be stretching yourself trying to please everyone.  You won’t be doing a half-assed job.  And you will end up operating more efficiently and successfully because you will be more focussed.

And having an ideal client is still going to mean you have more than one person as a customer.  And you will end up with the right customer for you more often.  Your ideal customer will be directed to you more often.  You will be their solution more often.

And won’t it feel much nicer to the perfect solution to the right people than being the almost perfect solution to many?  Won’t it feel great to do more by doing less?




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